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Anne & David's Arrow


Owners Notes

Anne's Arrow now sold.

BRG Burlington Arrow.

Built in 1963 by Angus Littlefield (many original notes available)

Mazda 1300cc OHC engine (unleaded)

Reg PAG 329A

MGB wire wheels with knock on hubs + good tyres

MOT until Aug 2009 (obviously tax exempt)

Runs well and is a sound car.



We are the owners of Holly a BRG Burlington arrow built in 1963 on a Trimuph Herald chassis by Angus Littlefield. He changed the engine to a 1976 Mazda 1300cc ohc some years ago. I purchased the car in Aug 2004. It is registered as PAG 329A formally being registered as KSB 308. It featured on the front of the owners club news letter Flashpoint issue 5.