The Burlington Register




New owner Barry Mays

  Burlington Arrow (Gracie) Based on a 1968 13/60 Triumph Herald

"Tax exempt"



I built "Gracie" over a three year period -1985 through to registering it in1987-retaining the herald age related number plate.

As I had read an article by a chap called Lloyd Denny describing his experiences of building an Arrow, I asked him , having built one , what changes would he have liked to implement. One was doors to get in and out easier would be nice; the second thing was, to have the bulkhead/dash a couple of inches higher-------these two items I incorporated into the build of Gracie.

The finished car started life with cycle wings, in all, fairly true to the Arrow plans, apart from doors and my own radiator grill.

After a few years of use I decided to fit fixed wings and running boards, to this end I contacted Haden Davies and purchased a set of Berretta wings ( front and rear) then re-flanged them to fit my Arrow, also ensuring the new running boards had good chassis support and integral strength (to stand on), At this stage Gracie was painted maroon and black. I also fitted a remote Laycock servo to the brakes (what an improvement it made). I have a good selection of original build photos for reference to build quality; also any prospective buyer would be most welcome to inspect it over the lit pit in my garage.


· Standard 1300 Herald engine ( would benefit from an overhaul, but still running and reliable)

· New clutch complete (centre plate/pressure plate/release bearing)

· Standard Herald gearbox which works fine.

· Standard Herald prop shaft.

· Standard Herald rear axle/drive shafts with transfer leaf spring ( some leaves removed for lighter car)

· Standard 13/60 Herald brakes (disc fronts) also fitted a Laycock remote brake servo to system.

· Standard Herald front suspension and steering apart from shorter coil springs.

· 14" MGB painted wire Wheels with splined adaptor hubs.

· Some extra instruments are fitted in dash for show only i.e. tachometer/ammeter

· The car has had 20 M.O.T.s without a failure ( License and MOT until end August 2008)

· Heater fitted..


When I extended and modified the Herald Chassis I also injected plenty of WAXOIL into the box sections of the chassis. The body was formed around the 30mm box section hoops (as arrow plans) but as I intended fitting doors , I made 20mm curved box internal door frames which I skinned accordingly this allowed the door hinges to bolt on metal box to metal box (very Strong)

After finishing the wooden stage of the build, I fibreglassed the whole interior floor and returns, this was done for two reasons. 1. If it got wet the floor would not rot. 2. More importantly it stiffened the tub with the door cut outs. I also incorporated a steel prop shaft tunnel, giving excellent seat belt and handbrake mountings. I have driven the car mainly with aero screens (the nearest thing to a motor cycle without the crash helmet but much safer) I still have the full screen, when fitted folds down also the car is fitted with washers and wipers if using the full screen. I have some fitments on the top of the doors to attach side screens also a s/s double hoop for a hood. (I still have the old hood and side screens) But if the buyer wanted to use it all weathers then these need renewing. Gracie is not a perfect specimen but is a good honest car, ideal to go on those county outings.