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Graeme's Berretta so far


Progress is slow but we're getting there!!



We are going for it now !!! I am trying to finish this year

Yes it's done!!!!



Owner's Notes

I am building a Burlington Berretta based on Herald/ Spitfire. I bought it from a friend in 2001 after he had lost interest in it and as I had done the engine and gearbox rebuilds it sounded like a good idea.

I have named the car DUCK due to the bodywork being trial fitted with duck tape(see pictures above)

The car has the 1360cc engine single su carb (this will change once the car has passed its SVA test to the GT6 engine - wife permitting!) and the mechanical side of things are about 95 % complete. I have started the bodywork and hope to have most done by early 2005. But like all good plans I am married with two young boys and they spend most of my hard earned cash before I do!!

December 2004: work has now started up again after a long slog with the steering column because when I tried to fit the dash the indictor switch ended up behind the it and when I tried to pull the column forward one joint hit the brake pedal (oh what fun!!) but with some modifiction it is now sorted. All wings and running boards are now fitted. I have also been out spending money and have all the lights required and a lot of the switches to go in the temporary dash that I have fitted.