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Built on 19-69 running gear triumph GT6 it was fist built in about late1979/80.On number 3 chassis from BURLINGTON when they were at Leamington Spa.I found the car in bad need off repair in local yellow paper in APRIL 2002 and Bought it with a set off wire wheels It took four off us to lift it on to a trailer.And took it from Nordefl to GAZELY in Suffolk six mouth pass.Some time for reading and thinking were to start look at picture 1 from this to this picture 2

Picture 1


A look though the old plans that came with it from MR FIELD who built the car in 19/79 then destroy it for fire wood in the winter some years later. Now it time to tell you my story off rebuild in the summer off 2002 new plywood and time was spent cutting out new panels and by this time I had painted the chassis and fitted new brushers and found a engine that ran on the ground be fore I put in had to make new engine mounts and find a gear box. As gt6 engine had been stolen some years before engine and gearbox from old spitfire 1500 with overdrive.

  Picture 3

  I had to make all off shell from scratch as old aluminium was pitted with rain by this time some 18 mouths in to rebuild December was put on hold as I move house to Newmarket on garage to put it in. the car was put back on hold PIC4

  Move again in six mouth time new house with a garage back to rebuild by this time had a car with running engine but no brake or clutch bits to find and make all new brake pipes. And find lights at worked no wiring loom got book from mate and made one but it did not work fist time back to drawing board with pen and paper Wiring Diagram that worked this time.Now the lights worked.thingh to do still to make tank and fit seats to recover get new tyres and paint for undercoat. Three coats later ready for topcoat things still to do find a hood frame make fly screens and fit make windscreen found some old mirrors. Had DVLA man out to look at repairs and issues new vin number as old logbook had not been change to Burlington car is about to be painted and trimmed out ready for mot in June. Down to Wales to collected mud guards back more metal work to make this is car at time off righting looking forward to mot in June this year let you now if it pass Picture 4

 Story to continue. Hoping to do five county run in September 2005 with club triumph. Car is known in Newmarket