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Paul and Julie's Arrow


Owner's Notes


I think it is about time I introduced you to our Arrow named Mutley ( cos he's a bit of a dog )

 He was built on a homemade Burlington Chassis many years ago by a railway engineer using a GT6 mk iii rotoflex as a donor. The builder told me that he started following the plans but they were no good so he did it his own way. I think this meant that he was a little upset when he found that he couldn't fit a six into the chassis / body designed for a four. To get around this he extended the nose about 3 foot using bits of angle iron and plywood.

When we bought him he had a half stripped down seized engine and a home made hardtop from hell, 13 inch GT6 wheels, an oil pressure gauge the size of a dinner plate ( adapted from a locamotive brake pressure gauge ) and about 6 inches of play in the home made steering column.

 Our first job was to move the engine back eight inches in the chassis and fit a Triumph 2000 saloon engine that I had lying around. The hard top was lost as was the windscreen with its ingenious wiper and demisting gear, replaced by good old Brooklands screens. The steering column was replaced, "Burlington style" with an extended Spitfire one. The crowning glory was 5 MGC 15 inch wire wheels bought for £10.00 from an autojumble ( read it and weep ), these were painted black.


Mutley has now been on the road , off and on, for 3 years and will soon be so again, this week I hope. The next job will be to design and make an unobtrusive air

filter system, he runs open carbs at the moment, after that some interior trim wouldn't go amiss.